[Staff Application] Elliecat25


May 26, 2021
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Minecraft Name: Elliecat25

How old are you? Not allowed to say sorry but thunder im pretty sure you know right? :)

What time of the day do you usually play? uh i guess whenever i feel like it? ill try to be more active like ill try and play daily!

Have you read the server rules? Yes I have read the rules

Why do you want to be a Moderator? It just feels like the next step and it will be fun to help out the community :D

How have you helped the community grow, and how do you plan on helping as a Moderator? Uh i made lucid revivors? im not sure how ill help ill just do the basic stuff like helping out new players helping out in a bad situation idk problems mods deal with you know?

What do you need to improve on? uhh sometimes i sound demandy i guess?? im not really sure its usally as a joke-

A user constantly spams chat. You give them a verbal warning, but they call you out in global and make comments about how you are a bad staff member. How do you handle this situation? I would mute the player if they continue to be mean after i would ban them for at most a day

Two players are arguing about something in global chat, and it starts to annoy everyone else. What do you do? I would try and figure out what they are arguing about if i cant seem to work it out ill ask them to move to dms

A staff member is muting several players whom you do not feel deserve a mute. What do you do? Ask why they are muting tons of players if its for an unfair reason i would tell a higher rank

How do you manage stress? Uhm i think i do pretty well with stress not to sure haha

Anything else to add? not really i hope i get mod :D cant wait!