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Mar 20, 2021
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How To Contact Me

Since we launched I've been extremely busy. My attention is divided between maintaining this server, running my channel, Discord and also being a full time university student. As a result, I have not been able to respond to every message. I want to make this possible, so PLEASE READ this thread if you need to contact me:

You can contact me here by starting a conversation or DMing me on Discord. A forum message is the best way to guarantee a reply, if you message me in-game or Discord I might not see your message.
HOWEVER, read this before contacting me directly, or I might not respond...

General Server Questions

If you have questions about the server (ex. how do I rank up?) ask other members because they will be able to give immediate help. You can also message the mods online (do /list to see them). Due to the amount of questions, most of the time I will not be able to respond, unless I am online or they are questions where nobody knows the answer.

Server Ideas/Suggestions
If you want something added or changed, post a suggestion or message me. Posting a suggestion is the best approach, because more people can see it and I check them daily.
Do not message asking for your suggestion to be looked at, or you will be ignored.

Server Bugs/Glitches

If there is a bug, post a bug report. If the bug is major (ex. an economy exploit) contact me directly with the exact information on how to reproduce the bug. I respond to all of these very quickly, depending on the bug it might take longer. Remember that suggestions are NOT bugs, if you need something enabled or added please read above.
If you find an exploit, notify me, and then leave it until I come online.


If you applied for a rank up, staff or end/nether access, it will be handled within 12-24 hours (unless you applied for staff, those take longer). Soon mods will be able to handle applications, but for now it's only me, and I check them a few times every day.
Do not message asking when your application will approved, or you will be ignored.

Staff/Problems With Members

If you have questions related to moderation, please reach out to a staff member who is online. 99% of scenarios can be handled by them (grief, harassment, hacking etc). If I am needed you can message me, but if it is something a mod can handle, there is no guarantee I'll respond. This also goes out to staff: if a problem comes up, try your best to handle it - only message me if you don't know how.

That's about it!
I wanna reply to everyone, and I feel bad not being able to, but right now I can only handle the most important issues. If you are thinking of contacting me, PLEASE read this first to avoid being ignored. Thanks for being awesome, I love you guys ❤️
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