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  1. ThunderStrike137

    [Staff Application] R0s3mary

    oh yes
  2. ThunderStrike137

    Approved [Nether World Application] Majoris7

    Approved! Congrats on the nether! Have fun!!
  3. ThunderStrike137

    [President Application] MinoCraftien177

    Considering you don't have a town yet, I'll promote you in-game so long. Just the forums promotion left
  4. ThunderStrike137

    Approved [Adventurer Application] kaiiilol

    Approved! Congrats on Adventurer!! :')
  5. ThunderStrike137

    Approved [Adventurer Application] Majoris7

    Approved! Congrats on Adventurer!! Have fun :')
  6. ThunderStrike137

    Approved [Adventurer Application] katrna

    Approved, This is Tankoli's alt.
  7. ThunderStrike137

    Approved [Adventurer Application] PlazmaHeros

    Approved! Congrats on Adventurer! Have fun :')
  8. ThunderStrike137

    Approved [Nether World Application] Specularfoot088

    Imagine getting approved by me smh Anyway congrats :'D
  9. ThunderStrike137

    Approved [Nether World Application] 7mxlik43

    Approved! Congrats on the nether! Have fun :')
  10. ThunderStrike137

    Locking signs is useless.

    Not true, it locks the block under it aswell lol
  11. ThunderStrike137

    Approved [Adventurer Application] mystifyz_

    Approved! Congrats on Adventurer!! hehe
  12. ThunderStrike137

    Approved [Architect Application] Amirmahdi31

    I gave rank without town / forums, money taken & promoted ingame.
  13. ThunderStrike137

    Approved [Adventurer Application] Elliecat25

    Approved! Congrats on Adventurer! Have fun :')
  14. ThunderStrike137

    Stole from me and called my mom fat

    I don't know exactly what happened, but it appears during this you / your team killed Godzilla75 and took his stuff aswell.. I mean, can't yall just give it back to each other? And the place that was griefed probably wasn't your area (if it was by the prison) and it wasn't claimed. But killing...
  15. ThunderStrike137

    Approved [Staff Application] MiniHuehnchen

    Oh whoops! Lemme edit that lmao
  16. ThunderStrike137

    Approved [Adventurer Application] FatBoiZ420

    Approved! Congrats on Adventurer! Have fun :’)
  17. ThunderStrike137

    Approved [Nether World Application] Red_Thingy

    Approved! Congrats on the nether! Have fun :')
  18. ThunderStrike137

    Approved [End World Application] fire_yz

    Approved! Congrats on the end! Have fun :')
  19. ThunderStrike137

    Approved [Adventurer Application] Sketchlo706

    Approved! Congrats on Adventurer! Have fun :')
  20. ThunderStrike137

    Approved [Architect Application] SilverWaffles

    He requested for me to give the rank without town for now, so the money is already taken & promoted. Just the town and forums promotion left.