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  1. CoolTurtleGamer

    Sand worth 0$

    not a bug. sand isnt worth anything
  2. CoolTurtleGamer

    [Suggestion] /Bottle

    its in more commands I think
  3. CoolTurtleGamer


    I think it should stay as 1.16.
  4. CoolTurtleGamer

    [Suggestion] /Bottle

    lol cant you buy that on the forums
  5. CoolTurtleGamer

    [Spawn Shop Rental Application] CoolTurtleGamer

    Minecraft Name: CoolTurtleGamer Do you have $5,000 in your balance? Yes How did you make the funds for this application? pierniko donated me 69k- and mining Which station would you like your Spawn Shop to be located at? Station 9 How many weeks are you ordering? 1 Have you read...
  6. CoolTurtleGamer

    Add LD stories area to forums.

    LMAO How did I post this is user complaints LOLL
  7. CoolTurtleGamer

    Yes or no. I am a server og?

    Yes or no. I am a server og?
  8. CoolTurtleGamer

    Love u guys.

    This community is such an amazing thing. Minecraft players who all feel the same way about Lucid Dreaming. Such an interesting topic of what happens when you fall asleep. And this community showed me that it's not just me and my best friend who loves this type of stuff, but a whole community of...
  9. CoolTurtleGamer

    I Should Owner

    Please. Stop it-
  10. CoolTurtleGamer

    [Staff Application] Leokratis

    Wait who is leokratis and why did eld post this-
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  12. CoolTurtleGamer

    p o g

    p o g
  13. CoolTurtleGamer

    Which SuperMod Do you think deserves to be the next Admin?

    Your very inactive so no, you don't deserve to be supermod.
  14. CoolTurtleGamer

    Locking signs is useless.

    sry im dumb
  15. CoolTurtleGamer

    Add LD stories area to forums.

    Ik there is areas like the cafe discord but I want to be able to have an area to share ld stories on the forums :). Maybe you can add a new area in "media off topic" for us to post ld stories cause there's a few I wouldn't mind some people reading ;)
  16. CoolTurtleGamer

    Bruh the server thinks im flying

    The server thinks I'm flying when I use a boat on blue ice. I wish there was a way to fix this. I know the anticheat think I have a too high bps but I really want to travel the highway on blue ice ._.
  17. CoolTurtleGamer

    Locking signs is useless.

    I really want to lock signs to make sure they never get griefed but you can just break the block below them..
  18. CoolTurtleGamer

    [Suggestion] More market plots!

    Minecraft Name: CoolTurtleGamer Short title for your suggestion: More market plots! What are you suggesting? I know it would be hell to manage but I think there should be like 100 market plots. Many people can't have a plot because they are all taken, and I really want like 3 stores, even...
  19. CoolTurtleGamer

    Elytra Teleport

    Idk if thats a bug that can really be patched. Just a tpa plugin bug?