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    we need to revvive the server (probably not gonna happen)

    i would love to join
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    we need to revvive the server (probably not gonna happen)

    so last night i was thinking of something we could all do to like grab the attention of eld and show him that we all still care about the server but now the server is getting attacked by hackers and stuff and i dont think this project will happen but i will still give my idea ifd you guys wanna...
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    what is going on?

    the server is dead and theres this group of hackers going around greifing and ruinning the economy
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    they might of been people trying to ruin the economy bc if you look at the lucid craft store some might think its p2w
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    [Suggestion] More advertising

    with elds 1 mil subs on beluga im sure there a at least a few people that know how to code so like he could ask them to help him make more plugins and expand the player limit
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    [Suggestion] Removal of extremely inactive towns

    im not sure why this would be necessairy at the moment
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    i killed eld

    so i drowned ald i was hoping he had some admin items but he didnt and i dont screenshot anything so the obly way to prove this is for him to reply to this
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    [Suggestion] /rankup immedietly gives you the rank

    Minecraft Name: Mar2_ Short title for your suggestion: /rankup immedietly gives you the rank What are you suggesting? when applying for a rankup it takes a long time for it to get accepted or denied so what if you just do /rankup and it gives you the next rank, i know a bunch of you are...
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    [Ban Appeal] Innocent_Creeper

    does that im mean im getting banned cuz u gave me duped money...
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    eff 10 pick not eff 10

    i hope it just a visual glitch
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    Approved [President Application] Mar2_

    Minecraft Name: Mar2_ Do you have $180,000 in your balance? Yes How did you make the funds for this application? i sold some end stuff and Innocent_Creeper gave me 100k What will be the name of your second town? i dont want a town Block #1: N/A Block #2: N/A Block #3: N/A...
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    Eld (or some imitator) left their doggo Skittle in my base

    thats what you think hehe
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    Lol only one online

    what are those blocks in the middle?
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    Eld (or some imitator) left their doggo Skittle in my base

    if you didnt just get a name tag and name it skittle that dog could sll for a lot
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    cool server lol

    cool server lol